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Professional Interpreting In The Real World.

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Professional Interpreting In The Real World 


Practical texts for the Interpreter


Keeping pace with the evolving interpreting profession, Multilingual Matters Ltd. presents   Professional Interpreting In The Real World; a series of books offering high quality interpreter training.  The series editor is Diane Teichman


These books range from resource texts, which help the practicing interpreter to better prepare for their assignments, to training materials and instruction manuals for instructors of interpreters.

This series provides the highly sought after elements of practical education that an interpreter can use written by knowledgeable, hands on professionals.


Books in this  series will enhance your professional interpreting skills and knowledge whether you are specializing in the field of conference interpreting or considering becoming a judicial interpreter or you want to improve your skills as a medical or community interpreter.


The Interpreters Guide to The Vehicular Lawsuit (USA) by Josef F. Buenker


Author Biography: 
Josef F. Buenker received his J.D. from the University of Houston in May 1989 and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1989.  He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas, in the United States District Court, Southern, Northern, Western, and Eastern Districts of Texas and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  He is also a member of the Houston Bar Association.  His law practice concentrates in the area of civil trial law, with an emphasis on personal injury litigation, which includes vehicular accident cases, and commercial litigation.



This book and the education it provides for interpreters has long been awaited by the judicial community of the United States.  Whether preparing for a single deposition or courtroom work as a staff interpreter, this book comprehensively equips the interpreter for peak performance.  Although the book is geared specifically to the vehicular accident lawsuit in the United States, much of the information contained in the book is invaluable to the judicial interpreter involved in any type of civil lawsuit.
Mr. Buenker guides the interpreter through the legal process of the vehicular accident, identifying and explaining those situations, procedures and documents uniquely important to the interpreter's job.  The portions of the book that address the objectives of both sides and the resulting potential statements that the interpreter may encounter are particularly valuable.
This book is essential reading for any individual who might wish to act as a judicial interpreter in a vehicular accident lawsuit, or, for that matter, any civil lawsuit.
The Honorable Freeman Bullock,, (Justice, Texas 1st Court of Appeals, retired)



 Interpretation Techniques and Exercises By James Nolan

Author Biography: 
James Nolan is Chief of the Verbatim Reporting Service and Deputy Director of the Interpretation, Meetings and Publishing Division of the United Nations.  He previously served as a UN Senior Interpreter and as Head of Linguistic and Conference Services of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.  Mr. Nolan is a graduate of the School of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Geneva and of New York Law School.  He has taught interpretation at Marymount Manhattan College and New York University.

Mr. Nolan's appreciation of the interpreter's great love affair with language informs his book throughout and will make it a valuable source for interpreters and teachers of interpreting for many years to come.
Joanna Dezio in Proteus, Volume XVI, No. 3

Nolan's work is unique because his concern is with pedagogy, specifically the training of interpreters.  This book is highly recommended not only for those who are driven by a professional career in consecutive or simultaneous interpreting at international events, but also for those who pride themselves on their bilingual abilities. 
Robert N. St. Clair, University of Louisville, in Language Problems and Language Planning 30:3.

I read James Nolan's handbook as a conference interpreting student and found it very useful.  This book gives a comprehensive overview of numerous techniques and explains how to use them in a very clear manner.  I particularly liked the excerpts from speeches given as examples by the author - a long-time UN-insider.  They make this handbook a stimulating reading by showing real-life aspects of this exciting profession. 
Jean-Luc Rostan, free-lance conference interpreter



The Interpreter’s Resource by Mary Phelan


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Professional Interpreting In the Real World

Multilingual Matters LTD, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall,

Victoria Road, Clevedon, BS21 7HH, UK,


Manuscript submission information


Manuscripts submissions are sought from qualified professionals from the environments that interpreters work in as well as from highly qualified interpreters and interpreter trainers.  Published writing experience is preferred; experience working with interpreters is required.


Proposals must include a cover letter, double-spaced with title, author and page number on each page.  Texts will clearly educate the reader on “how to work with us” in the employment settings listed below.  The practical content needs to be geographically inclusive and up to date for a broad-based readership while focusing on usual interpreter assignments.  The citing of regulating authorities and rules that govern interpreters will include contact information.  Samples of material required to be sight translated will be included in appendix form.  We are interested in proposals from the following sources:


Medical Interpreting






Legal or Judicial Interpreting (specialization specific: Family Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Probate)

Insurance Industry






Conference Interpreting       


Media Interpreting


Community Interpreting

Voice Over Talent                  


Interpreter Equipment                      


Issues in Interpreting



Telephone Interpreting


Please submit your proposal in double spaced outline form including a cover letter giving a brief overview of the text, the target readership, an estimated number of pages and lists of appendices and sources.  Full manuscript submissions should include a full table of contents and any details as to prior editions or revisions.  Submissions and proposals should be sent to Series Editor Professional Interpreting In The Real World c/o Multilingual Matters LTD, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall, Victoria Road, Clevedon, BS21 7HH, UK, or by e-mail to


Professional Interpreting In The Real World

Multilingual Matters LTD, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall,

Victoria Road, Clevedon, BS21 7HH, UK,


Notes from the Series Editor



To help perfect your submission, I encourage you to learn all about the Multilingual Matters Publishing house.  Review their website and the texts they publish at  Please limit your proposals to the series topic of Interpreting.


Are you a qualified expert but a novice writer or you can’t juggle another deadline?  I still want you to share your expertise with the world’s interpreters!  I highly suggest that you consult with a kindly professional editor for proposal procedure advice, submission tips, proofreading, and ghost writing or editing.


It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with manuscript submissions and non-fiction publishing.


A proper proposal includes a cover letter that includes an estimated word count, deadline and target market in addition to a succinct outline of the proposed text formatted chapter by chapter.  Also list your credentials and expertise in this field.


 Your manuscript needs to include a contents page with the page numbering of each chapter.  The entire manuscript needs to be double-spaced with title, author and page number on each page.  Your compensation and royalties are negotiated by the principals of the publishing house.  I serve as the acquisitions and content editor of the texts for this series.


I am an old fashioned, hands on style editor who is as passionate about the interpreter benefiting from your book as I am about your pride in your work and your pride when it is published.

Please consider the sanctity of the deadline and the mutual respect it shows.



Thank you for your interest.

Diane Teichman

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Hospital & Clinical Administrators








Court Reporters

Experienced Judicial Interpreters

Private Investigators

Court Work

Law Enforcement


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